This songs by Niall Horan

“Over and over the only truth
Everything came back to you”
This morning I accidentally clicked on a video clip titled 100 best songs in 2016, for which I thought I wouldn’t expect anything more than a random list of up-to-date music videos of those singers, bands and artists I know pretty much every single details about their love lives and gossips. Well, you know the story line where you least expect something to come about, it does come all of a sudden. This song is like a flood with a massive level of water willing to immerse all my senses. I heard the hook in the first 15 seconds, I heard it once and I want to hear it all the way through.
It’s strange of how I can feel the lyrics in many ways although the love story the song been trying hard to describe has no coincidence with my real life events, and more importantly, I’m not even somewhere close to the break-up part of a relationship. However, I can tell that I understand the feelings when you wake up with nothing specific in mind of what you are about to do next, knowing that you can’t go back to your past. No one there to watch your fall, witness your victory, cheer with you, fool around in your comfort zone like the old days. So you choose to live a busy life to make up for it, you jump into different kinds of jobs, large workloads, hardly spend time to rest or let you ever rethink of the emptiness in your soul. You do all your best in the hope that one day it will fade away, that you would eventually forget it, and time would heal your emotional wound. But the naked truth that you lost someone who you could count on is still there regardless of whatever you did to cover it up. Cause everything came back to you ~
P/s: If I ever have a break up in the near future, I promise this would be my jam for a little while haha 🙂)


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