Hello world!

Everyone using WordPress must be accustomed to this “Hello world!” because it’s, to me, like a trick or a brilliant strategy of WordPress getting lazy people finally write something on its website. In my case, I’m the typical lazy WordPress are saying about.

The reason why I start WordPress is somehow unexplainable in a few words. Top reasons I’m coming for is that I want to have a study-life balance, also I want answer myself a question I used to wonder every night before I go to sleep, how to keep things balance, another seems lame as it does is that I want to prove my teacher is totally wrong about one’s ability versus one’s dedication. She used to ask us if we think which of the two is more important, her strong answer is one’s ablity, in contrast, I think it is one’s dedication which forces us to throw ourselves to positions, situations and places we have never been before. For example, Thomas Eddison dropped school when he was in grade 3. Anyone like that could end up living poor lives, accept that we are nothing and people would certainly treat us unfairly. It was just not our man, he stands up, earn himself a large amount of money for his specialities, our man also helps the poor with his incredulous inventions. For my case, I used to live my miserable life in literature classes, especially essays writing lesson and assignments, I don’t know why and have no idea why they teach this subject, why it is compulsory but not optional because I don’t want to be an author or something. Secondly, finding a scoure, an idea to write is hard, why need us to write perfectly as some professionals. Therefore, I’m miserably struggling with it from the day it comes to the day I graduate highschool. Finally, I have some places my own, don’t have to mumble it in dreams or often have nightmare before writing exams. That my case, so now I start a blog. I promise myself to write for a least twice a month if there is nothing special happens or maybe I’m in a hurry to do some university projects.

However, I haven’t decided what type of my blog will become to or what kind of blogs my WordPress will deliver to readers. I believe that a part of my WordPress will try to deliver some of my own experience and some personal thought of mine, but not stuffs like hot buttons because I’m actually a introvert myself which means that I do not want to screw everything for fame or things like that.

Also, as you can see, I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, especially Dramonie. Anyway, needless to say that I’m running out of ideas to continue so…

Happy blogging!


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